Worldwide Distribution, Sales and Marketing

As of 2022, Converde is currently running distribution, marketing and sales in 19 countries across three continents worldwide. Our operations are expanding quickly across the globe.

International Offices


Tel: 855-333-2443

Converde has been manufacturing fertilizer products in the U.S.A. since 2008 as Converde Group LLC, with expansion into product marketing, sales and international fulfillment since 2009. Converde currently has operations in Florida, Illinois and Texas. By mid-2013, Converde anticipates the opening of the beverage manufacturing division to be located in Los Angeles, California.

What We Do in the USA:
  • Organic fertilizer manufacturing, marketing and sales
  • Intelligent modular light manufacturing and sales
  • International export and finance
  • Organic resource mining and sales


Tel:  855-333-2443

Converde's primary operation in Canada is the Research and Development division, while the Company has also been manufacturing fertilizer products in Canada since 2012. The Canadian division consists of an expert scientific team who's specific focus is agriculture, clean energy and water. Converde is always looking to develop innovative technologies that keep the Company well ahead of the current market.

What We Do in Canada:
  • Organic fertilizer manufacturing
  • Research and development
  • Technology and patent licensing


Tel: 042-35700223-24

Converde has been distributing fertilizer products in Pakistan since 2010.

What We Do in Pakistan:

  • Fertilizer distribution
  • Asia Pacific Marketing
  • Converde Sales

Crop Science

Radically bold, Earth focused, sustainable agriculture solutions.


Unprecedented LED efficiency and performance for every facet of our world.


Greenhouses that use fewer resources, far less energy, and produce far more.

Energy Science

Environmentally friendly oil recovery and remediation solutions.