Typically, systems of production in greenhouses are based on the principal of atmospheric control (temperature, light, humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.) of the environmental area of the plant, and use of proper soil (minerals, rock or water) as the substrata for the introduction of water and minerals, or systems with uncovered roots in flowing water with nutrients. However, there are no systems that control the climatic conditions of the root systems, until now.

The Converde system is based on the principal of controlling the temperature of the root systems and of the water containing the applied nutrients. This induces maximum availability of the latter through greater functioning of the physiology of the root system and thus indirectly on the plant in general. The external part or foliage of the plant can grow under any greenhouse system through environmental control.

Converde greenhouse systems are designed to ensure that in the cavity where the roots of the plants grow the temperature remains constant. In addition, the roots are irrigated by means of a high-pressure dispersion system, which creates a mist around the plants with the appropriate nutrient solution for optimal growth. This system, accompanied with Converde fertilizer products, delivers astonishing results.

Converde specializes in every aspect of greenhouse development including: layout, conceptual design, project planning, control equipment, growing systems, control software, fertilization and installation.

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