Corporate Responsibility and Earth-Centric Sustainability

Over 850 million people go hungry everyday. Organic agriculture offers a viable alternative to conventional food production systems, which are unsustainable. Converde products nourish and replenish depleted soil, and allow farmers to utilize salty and sandy soil that they're usually forced to ignore.

According to many global leaders, the next emerging global crisis will be a shortage of food. Today in many parts of the world, food and the access thereto, is the root of most global uprisings. Experts are finding that:

  • Top soil is disappearing at an alarming rate
  • The use of harmful fertilizers is increasing, also at an alarming rate.
  • Traditionally used fertilizers are creating a depletion and imbalance in soils.
  • Population growth is outpacing world food production.
  • A shortage in fertilizer worldwide.

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.

With constant increases in world hunger, Converde's mission and vision is to create healthier, faster growing agriculture systems. With our agricultural line of products, it is our underlying goal to educate populations around the world through our growth programs, we believe Converde will play a major role in reducing world hunger. With faster growing crops, farmers are able to produce a larger, more nutrient rich yield, all at a much lesser cost to the consumer. Converde's mission is to not only to help the environment through distribution of organic products, but also to make food a sustainable resource through global education programs.

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