Converde and it's group of companies operate in three specific green arenas globally:

  1. Agriculture products and solutions
  2. Intelligent lighting technologies
  3. Greenhouse Development and Clean Energy

Since 2008, Converde has been a global leader in developing green products and solutions including specialty fertilizers and enhancers for commercial agriculture. The Company has developed and is currently manufacturing twenty-eight specialized organic solutions under three specific brands: 'Converde Complete', 'Converde Intrigue' and 'PURE by Converde'. These Agricultural products fall under two specific product categories: organic fertilizers and blended fertilizers

Converde translates to "Green" in many different languages around the world.

In 2012 Converde introduced a specific patented technology to our current line of fertilizers which resulted in the world's first true organic solution. The result for farmers is that they get a minimum of 30% to 50% better utilization of the nitrogen, and are able to see dramatically better results and yields at substantially reduced costs.

Each of the Converde brand products are composed of the most technologically advanced elements in existence today and certified organic by the USDA. With a proprietary base of pure nitrogen and naturally occurring elements, Converde products provide plants the nourishment they need for fast, healthy growth.The raw materials of Converde's products have been tested by several renowned institutes and universities including: University of Florida, CIRTA Iowa, Stukenholtz Lab, University of Mexico, and others. Converde agriculture products are currently being distributed in 8 countries in three continents around the world.

In 2013, Converde introduced two additional divisions in the green sector: high technology modular commercial lighting and organic beverages. As the governments of various countries throughout the world move to become more energy efficient, Converde aims to offer lighting technology that is not only more efficient, but also recyclable. In the beverage sector, Converde utilized their patented technology to create drinks with fixed levels of oxygen. This is unique, as previously marketed "oxygenated" beverages were the gas was simply dissolved, whereas Converde products are fixed, ensuring no oxygen is lost and it can actually be entirely absorbed by the body.

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