Re-imagined LED Illumination for the Earth.

Unprecedented LED efficiency, modularity, and performance for every facet of our world.

The most feature-rich, energy efficient outdoor and greenhouse LED lighting available in the market today. With a multi-functional, modular approach, efficiency is the cornerstone of the illumination mission. Illuminating more with less.

X-Series Outdoor Lighting

From stadiums to roadways and everything in between. Multi-functional, modular, feature-rich, and world-class energy efficient outdoor LED lighting. Learn More

PURE LED Growlight

Dramatically reduced heat, crop sensitive programming, versatile and power packed. LED Grow lighting taken to an entirely new level. Illuminating more with less. Learn More

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Crop Science

Radically bold, Earth focused, sustainable agriculture solutions.


Unprecedented LED efficiency and performance for every facet of our world.


Greenhouses that use fewer resources, far less energy, and produce far more.