An Advanced Line of Products for Oil Separation

Converde Energy Science produces environmentally friendly remediation products for use primarily in the oil industry. The Company has developed and manufacturers four specialized products, which have been applied and tested globally for over two years. Converde remediation products are composed of the most technologically advanced elements allowing carbons to be released naturally for many applications. Our solutions are based on a blend of proprietary ingredients fixated and stabilized with certain gases, utilizing multiple patented processes.

Converde utilizes exclusive technology to increase production on stimulated unconventional oil and gas wells, by reducing formation fracture face damage while improving the overall performance of the fracturing fluid system by improving hydration times and boosting slurry viscosity.

Whether fracturing in micro Darcy unconventional oil and gas shales or performing a gravel pack in the Gulf of Mexico in high perm unconsolidated sands, Converde's technology can help increase initial production rates, reduce formation fracture face or filtrate damage, improve gel hydration times while optimizing fluid system viscosities.

The Company’s products can be introduced as a liquid additive in the blender or in the guar concentrate as part of the suspension package to yield a more efficient hydrating slurry, improve fluid system rheology curves, and help reduce overall required gel loadings. When the ultimate cost of stimulating the reservoir is the defining variable between success and failure, Rebound is a critical technology in the operator’s toolbox that helps expand that window of opportunity in multiple dimensions.

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